How can this app help you?

Help your child to learn to recognize bullying and to learn what to do about it.

The DTT Bully app is based on an empirical study conducted by Dr. Gary Brown and his Honor Student Elizabeth B. Finley. The actual rate of bullying is difficult to establish, but most studies find that over half of the children in the U.S. report being bullied during the last year and for children with Autism and related disorders the percentage rises another thirty percent.

Children with Autism and related disorders, and even normally developing children often fail to recognize that they are being verbally or physically bullied. And if they do recognize that that they are being bullied they do not know what to do about it.

DTT Bully uses Discrete Trial Training (DTT) to teach children how to identify bullying and then once that is learned, what to do about it.

– Includes the bullying on the bus deck.

– Includes free student data logging, syncing and charting.

This contents of this app are also available in the DTT Pro app.


  • help teach a student about bully behavior
    • Autism (ASD)
    • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
    • any child who has trouble staying on task.
  • Compatible with Apple iOS 9 Devices
    • iPod Touch
    • iPhone
    • iPad.